10 Key decisions every Entrepreneur and CEO should consider before an M&A sale process

In February the company that I co-founded in 2011 along with a NYC based private equity group, completed an M&A sale process of our company to a Boston based investment fund. While our growth strategy included a “buy-build” acquisition program where we completed several acquisitions in the preceding 5 years, the complexities of a “sell” side process can create a multitude of new demands for any CEO. This becomes a multi-dimensional chess board that every entrepreneur and CEO should be prepared to navigate. Whether you are building a company today with Venture Capital or Private Equity in your capital structure, these lessons can be a guide to enhance enterprise value and ensure success along

Employee Engagement: The Key to a Successful Sustainability Program

BUILDINGS MAGAZINE: REPOST Communication and engagement are critical to an effective sustainability program. A building owner may be doing great things to help reduce the environmental impact of the property, but if no one knows about it— or helps contribute to the progress— the initiative loses impact. While many organizations have started to embrace the concept of renewable energy credits, the issue with these programs (sometimes referred to as a renewable energy certificate or "greentag" program) is that they often don’t provide stakeholders with tangible examples of their benefits. This can lead to confusion from stakeholders regarding the program’s benefits and therefore reduced commitm