Founders 10x10 interview with Urbaneer Ceo/founder, Bruce Thompson on the technology changing how we

Small spaces are all the rage in housing and living trends. Brands like DWELL have emerged and have created a venue to advocate a lifestyle around small space living and modern aesthetic design, and they have pushed it into the main stream. Dozens of modular construction and building companies have sprouted from this movement as a result which has been fueled in part by the global phenomenon that is AirBnB, where homeowners and developers are maximizing the use of ADU ( auxiliary dwelling unit), aka in California known as the “granny flat”—my parents would take offense to this generational descriptor for the 1 bedroom dwelling unit that many developers are adding to new homes to offer the ho

Founders 10x10: Blue Auditor Ceo/founder Wolfgang Lukaschek on the digital trends in European green

While Green Building Certifications have been around for nearly 30 years, with the introduction of BREEAM in 1990 and LEED in 1998, the global trends to design, build and certify high performance buildings is entering a new era of automation. Several platforms have developed technology such as the USGBC's Arc platform that has created a more dynamic environment for owners to continuously track the changing performance of their buildings. In Europe, where the market has over 6 standards that are regionally more in demand like DNGB, software companies like Blue Auditor are tackling the problem head on by partnering with the German and Austria equivalents of the USGBC to automate their certif