The Global Smart Home Market Report

The rise of smart home technology gained the attention of both the tech world and home owners in 2014. Market adoption for smart device has been nothing short of a frenzy, and anticipation for improved innovation has carried this market beyond its hype. Intelligent assistants also known as "Chatbots" such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant have brought smart home technology into the lime light, but the benefits of this technology expand much further in appliance diagnostics, smart EV charging, energy demand load shedding and home security. Consumers are beginning to realize the direct benefits of adopting smart home technology such as energy savings and increasing home security. Once the

The Digital Transformation of Mobile Health Markets

With 5 billion mobile phone users and a dramatic increase in global “connectivity”, both health care providers and patients are beginning to realize the potential benefit of utilizing mobile technology to both advance the quality of health services and drive down the cost of healthcare. Mobile health, or mHealth, is a segment of the overarching digital health market. Implementing mHealth technology could help to drive down costs by limiting in person visits, increasing patient-provider communication, and providing meaningful data to optimize healthcare quality. Substantial growth in the mHealth market can be attributed to patients demand for more access to their medical health professionals.